Verhaagen Group

ORANGE: an Open Resource for the Application of Neuronal Genome Editing

The NIN researchers Fred de Winter and Joost Verhaagen contributed to a study of the laboratory of Harold MacGillavry (Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University). In this study, ORANGE was developed: an Open Resource for the Application of Neuronal Genome Editing. This technology, based on CRISPR/CAS, mediates targeted genomic integration of epitope tags in rodent dissociated neuronal culture, in organotypic slices, and in vivo. ORANGE enables quantification of expression, distribution, and dynamics for virtually any protein in neurons at nanoscale resolution and will be an invaluable tool for real time protein dynamic studies in neurons.

The article can be read here.


Verhaagen Group

This laboratory performs basic and translational research with the aim to advance the field of restorative neuroscience and neurology. We focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie degeneration, regeneration and plasticity of the central and peripheral nervous system. A significant portion of research is dedicated to the identification of novel genes and molecular pathways that affect the capacity of the nervous system to regenerate. Genomics, bioinformatics and high-throughput functional screening are key components of our research strategy and gene therapy based on advanced viral vector technology is applied to validate the therapeutic efficacy of molecular targets in clinically relevant animal models of neurodegeneration and repair. The ultimate goal of the Laboratory for Neuroregeneration is to develop novel therapeutic strategies to promote regeneration and plasticity of injured axons.

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