KNAW grant for research into blood vessels

In the third round of the Research Fund KNAW institutes, three new research proposals received a scholarship. Projects that receive a grant are a historical research into the social mobility of Jewish Dutch people, a study of the impact that changes in the life cycle have on health and a study of brain disorders.


Researchers from the Spinoza Centre, the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC) are collaborating on research into the smallest blood vessels in human brain. For this research, new MRI methods are being developed for the 7 tesla MRI scanner at the Spinoza Centre. The focuses is on functional MRI, with the aim of making the blood circulation of the smallest capillaries of healthy and diseased brains visible.


The KNAW reported in the Strategic Agenda 2016-2020, Science connects, that it wants to connect the research of the institutes more strongly. That is why the KNAW Research Institutes Fund has been established. An annual amount of 1.5 million euros is available for KNAW institutes that start a research project together. Earlier awards took place in 2016 and 2017.