BSc and MSc Students


Sofia Castro e Almeida

I am doing a one year project in the Willuhn group with Aishwarya Parthasarathy and Bastijn van den Boom. The aim of our project is to gain better understanding corticostriatal projections during action selection and execution through Go/No-go reward and punishment tasks in rats. To achieve this, we are using calcium fluorescent imaging to record rat neuronal activity in the medial prefrontal cortex and dorsal striatum.  I am from Portugal and I really like to spend time travelling, meeting new people and sailing.



Roos Jonkman

I am an intern in the Willuhn group, where I am involved in two projects. In one project, I support Wouter van Elzelingen with the validation of a new behavioral test for habit formation. In the second project, we measure dopamine release in the striatum during aversive and appetitive stimuli with fast scan cyclic voltammetry. In this project I support Jessica Goedhoop.




Celeste Turchetta

I’m an Italian Masters student doing a 10-month internship in the Willuhn group. My supervisor, Rudi Faust, is leading a tracking project focused on the anatomy of the striato-nigral pathways. To improve our knowledge of such circuits, we are performing a series of viral injections and FCSV experiments looking for dopamine release in several zones of the striatum. Personally, I am very interested in how these pathways are involved in the habituation process and the reinforcement of habits. I am curious how our everyday lives are influenced by such connections. I am a sociable person; I like to bond with people coming from different countries. During my free time, I like to enjoy  nature in order to read a good book or go hiking with my friends.