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SBL Lab Members

Group Leaders

Christian Keysers (

Valeria Gazzola (



Keysers Group

Akos Babiczky (

Chaoyi Qin (

Frederic Michon (

Leonardo Cerliani (

Rajeev Rajendran (

Gazzola Group

Ali Jahanshahi (

Paloma Maldonado (



Keysers Group

Francisca Ayres Ribeiro (

Lina Asperl (

Xiaoyi Feng (

Gazzola Group

Cas Teurlings (

Flora Nelissen (

Jiamiao Yang (

Judit Campdepadros (

Judy Kesebi (

Junjie Wei (

Lisa Verbeij (

Min Jiang (

Qingying Li (


Support Staff

Lab Manager

Laura Hammock (


Ali Lotfi (

Leonie Schulze (


Ece Yatikci (

Eleonora Munoz-Ibarra (

Fleur Oogjen (

Hanna Griffiths Mumbru (

Hasti Samsam Bozorgi (

Joelle Simon (

Linde Voorn (

Lucia Grand (

Makaela Weeda (


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